Export Import Business

Export Import Business is a growing field.  There are great opportunity to  Grow Business globally. Venturing into Global business has lot of advantages.  

  • — Increases revenue and profit,                                                                                     
  • —Reduce Cyclic nature of order, 
  • — Improve factory output as companies get additional orders,                                 
  •  —Improves efficiency, 

—Improve Quality of Products                                                                                                                   

 —Improves Systems and Processes                                                          

Therefore Every company should focus to increase export business. However, It requires structured approach to for Export Business.

Business Growth

Our Export Model

Market Selection is very important for  export. We have developed  business model which will help companies to target a country which suits companies DNA. If we study well and deep dive into market requirement and companies capability, chances of success is more. Therefore, developing a robust structure to access market is very important. 

Export Business Model

In Export-Import Business, Teamwork and Knowing requirement of International Customer is very important. We need to develop insight in to country  regulatory requirements, Banking requirements,  shipping requirements etc. With this insight chances of errors are less. With no or less errors companies save money and export operation is hassle free. Otherwise it could lead to a dangerous situation and companies loose big time.

We help to form an export – import department. We recruit right people who will be able to take up the job. I also help to put processes for export / Import department. Processes and checks are important for smooth transactions.

Strategy Formation

Country Business Opportunity, Risk Analysis and Mitigation Plan

Competition Analysis, Identify Product Features For Specific Market, 

Country Specific Business Model 

Pricing Structure, Taxation

Identify Potential Customers, Agent, Importer, Distributor, Warehousing.

Country wise Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Plan.

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