Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Business ( Export- Import)?

This is Frequently Asked Questions and we give complete information and guidance on growing your business. 

All Commercial Operations – Private or Public, Sale, Investment, and Transportation that take place between two countries is referred as International Business. Once it is expanded to many countries it is referred as Global Business.

Is it essential for Indian Companies ?

India Is growing fast. But Unemployment problem is there and growing. However, if India gives focus on Make In India drive, which means that we manufacture more local and sale global (Including India), there is very good chances that we not only grow global business but also create more Jobs.

Hence Indian Companies must focus on exports.

What is Our Export Business Model For New Market ?

We first understand your business, product profile, Customer, Application of Products your plan for next 5 years. Based on above we evaluate target markets for suitability of your business. Accordingly we make business model for your company.  

Can We Trust Puffin Marketing Services for Export Marketing?

Absolutely yes, we ensure that  all our we discuss with you all possible scenarios. Our delivery is time bond as per agreed expected line.   

We donot have any experience in Exports?



No Issue. We will take care of all issues relating to export. We guide you to  team to look after export without any mistakes.

Is It Risky To Export?

No, It is not Risky. We have to do proper risk analysis and take correct steps to ensure that we make less mistakes in documents and payments. We should cover with good insurance. However, rewards are also good. So we should do business with caution.

Is Career Counseling Important for 12th Std Student?

Career Counseling at the very early age say 16-18 years is import for selection of right education and career path. Parents must spend time to know, scientifically, what Kids is good at. After knowing his interest, behaviour, career aims, we can make a career plan and guide him to achieve the best in his life.

Is Mid Career Counseling Required?

People Frequently Asked Question if mid career counseling required? Yes It Is an Important Phase of Life of a Professional. He should evaluate if his life goal is on track. If yes, what can he do to increase the target? If not on track than he must evaluate if any change is required in his profession? Shall he acquire some additional skills which will enhance his career progress? In career Counseling we do all that scientifically and give you path for growth.

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